Assessment Of Needs

assessment of needs

HSE ASSESSMENT OF NEEDS AND WAITING TIMES: COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE AND LEGAL REMEDIES. It is open to a person to submit a complaint in respect of the contents of their assessment of needs or service statement … Read More

Contesting A Will

contesting a will in ireland

CONTESTING A WILL ? RECENT CASELAW AND WILL CHALLENGES. When considering contesting a will, it is open to a party to a number of grounds including; contesting  a Will on the basis that the Will … Read More


housing allocations

HOUSING ALLOCATIONS: APPLICATIONS FOR SOCIAL HOUSING SUPPORT, MEDICAL PRIORITY AND APPEALS. Dublin City Council’s housing allocations report in January 2023 recorded 12,247 eligible applicants on the list for social housing support. Further figures outlined that … Read More


Discriminatory Dismissal and Disability

A recent case of the Workplace Relations Commission in An Employer v An Employee ADJ-00019658 provides guidance on the law relating to discriminatory dismissal and disability. An employee who is dismissed by reason of their … Read More