Immigration Law

We can provide you with assistance in order to navigate your way through the immigration law process. We will ensure that we thoroughly explore all options available to you in order to advise you on the best approach to your immigration query. We can advise you on the following areas:

Applications for Citizenship/Naturalisation

An applicant may apply for a certificate of naturalisation provided they have lawfully resided in the state for at least five years out of the last nine years. In addition to this requirement all applicants must demonstrate that the year preceding their application was continuous. In circumstances where an applicant is a spouse of an Irish Citizen, the period of five years lawful residency is reduced to three years, and encompasses lawful residency in the island of Ireland as distinct from the state.

In addition to the above, we can also assist you on applications for naturalisation made on behalf of minors. An application can be made on behalf of a minor in circumstances where their parent has become a naturalised Irish Citizen and wishes to apply on behalf of their child, it may further arise in circumstances where a child is born in the state and the child and their parent/legal guardian have accumulated 5 years’ reckonable residence in the state prior to their application. We can further advise you on the process by which an applicant may obtain citizenship by descent. In this instance, an applicant may make an application through the foreign birth registration process where a grandparent of the applicant was born in Ireland. Please contact us should you wish to discuss your application in more detail.

Work Permits

There are a number of different types of work permits available. We can assist you in your application for a general employment permit which is available to applicants in situations where the job offer’s salary exceeds the minimum annual remuneration requirement.  There are a number of terms and conditions attached to a general employment permit, however it is available to a broad range of applicants as the permit may be granted to all occupations unless specifically excluded under the ineligible list of occupations.

Critical Skills Work Permits may be granted in circumstances where an applicant has been offered a position that is listed on the highly skilled occupations list or the salary exceeds the minimum annual remuneration requirement.  In addition to general and critical skills employment permits, there are additional options available to applicants such as the dependent partner/spouse employment permit which is available to a dependent of a critical skills employment permit holder. Please contact us in order to discuss your options in further detail.

Family Reunification Applications

Family reunification applications can be made by an Irish Citizen or a lawfully resident non-EEA citizen. This process enables either an Irish Citizen or certain non-EEA citizens lawfully residing in Ireland to sponsor their family members to reside in Ireland with them. An Irish citizen can sponsor their civil partner or spouse to reside in Ireland subject to certain conditions as can spouses and civil partners of non-EEA citizens lawfully residing in Ireland. Contact us in order to discuss the matter that concerns you. We can assist you in making your application for family reunification.

EU Family Member Applications

EU Citizens who are exercising their EU treaty rights have a right to be joined by certain family members. There are a number of applications that are available to family members of EU Citizens who wish to reside in the state. We can assist you in the exercise of your EU Treaty rights and advise you on the appropriate application to make in order to ensure that you continue to enjoy those rights together with your family.

Administrative Residency Schemes

There are various schemes available to persons who wish to reside in the state including the immigrant investor programme which is available to a person who wishes to invest in a business in the state. Non-nationals may also apply for residency in order to study on an approved course within the state on a stamp 2 permission. There are various other schemes available such as a volunteer scheme available to persons wishing to volunteer within the state, working holiday authorisations and the long term residency scheme. Please contact us should you wish to discuss any of the above in more detail.

You can make your first step towards residency or employment by contacting us today to discuss the immigration matter that concerns you in more detail. You can contact us by telephone at (01) 8338147 or alternatively you may contact us by email at